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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Arcas featured in Pharmaceutical Executive article on 2010 Outlook: The Big Reset

The article “The Big Reset” reviews the first decade of the millennium, and discusses trends and forecasts for 2010. It has been published in the January edition of Pharmaceutical Executive. Arcas President Jan Heybroek is quoted in the piece on pharma licensing trends as: “Yet the jump in the number of givebacks in 2009 may signal a resurgeance in acquisitions in 2010. You have to very actively manage licensing relationships, and there’s plenty of evidence that the divorce rate is as high as it is for people.” You can read a full copy of the article here: The Big Reset – PharmExec Jan 2010.

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MDoutlook Reaches Over 45,000 Oncology Treaters World-wide

Earlier this month, MDoutlook® – our unique and innovative oncology intelligence resource – reached another milestone: profiles of more than 45,000 oncology treaters worldwide now are available.

MDoutlook provides unprecedented insight into several key areas of the oncology landscape in a disease-targeted manner. These areas include:

  • ThoughtLeader, practicing clinician, and institutional profiling combining physician-self and Arcas-team validated and updated information with real-time data feeds from reputable external sources;
  • Real-time treatment logs of patients per oncology disease target;
  • Individual and aggregate physician treatment profiling, inclusive of patient flow and volume;
  • And, through the MyActivities Module of MDoutlook, an unmatched resource and platform for the daily collection, analysis and reporting of sales and marketing interactions, company activities and market intelligence, at the individual ThoughtLeader and practicing clinician levels.

MDoutlook uncovers not only the therapeutic choices oncologists make (quantitative), and the considerations, rationale, and ThoughtLeaders influencing their decisions (qualitative), in one easily accessible, focused resource. This insight is captured through targeted surveys to physicians treating the target disease, dedicated treater panels/treatment logs, and corresponding analyses and reports. And importantly, this insight is guided and interpreted through direct and exclusive consultation with top peer-identified ThoughtLeaders in each of the target disease areas.

The MDoutlook Intelligence Platform features in-depth and easily accessed information for your entire organization; real-time updating of streaming data; on-demand information sorting, prioritization analysis, and reporting; interactive links between networks of clinicians, ThoughtLeaders, and Institutions; and sophisticated information searching.

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