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Why MDoutlook


For Medical Affairs, MSL’s and commercial teams to be successful in activating the right ThoughtLeaders across the right channels, they need up to date and relevant ThoughtLeader information. Lumineer helps teams rapidly activate ThoughtLeaders by providing lists that go beyond the top 50 and insight into which ThoughtLeaders work best in a given channel.

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Lumineer Benefits


  Available for you to act on                  today.

  Immediately relevant and up to        date.


  Building confidence in your                ThoughtLeader choice.

  Assuring the right activation of          your ThoughtLeaders.


  Lumineer covers all your                    indications and markets.

  Lighting up your blind spots.

Deep and Dynamic

You need accurate and up to date ThoughtLeaders lists that include AND go beyond your known top-50. Lumineer provides the knowledge and granularity you deserve to make the right choice.

The Right Activation

Your success and ours hinges on having the right ThoughtLeader deliver in the medium that fits optimally. Lumineer identifies the right experts for speaking, papers, trials, or other channels.

Better Relationships

The right relationships with the right ThoughtLeaders can help move your brand forward and impact more patients. With Lumineer, you will find the right leaders to activate.


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